Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Are Prisoners given too much freedom?

Have you ever wondered why prisoners get to do some of the stuff they are permitted to do? Or have you ever wondered if prisoners are given too much freedom? After recently talking to my Dad who is currently employed at SCI Laurel Highlands prison in Somerset I have came to the conclusion that I feel prisoners are given entirely way too much freedom. Most people do not get that behind the scenes look and see how prisoners are really treated. Do not get me wrong the majority of their life is bad but I feel some of their activities should not be allowed. Prisoners get the opportunities to play sports like Volleyball and Basketball, some get paid to be there which then they use their money to buy things such as food and they are then permitted to eat what they have when they want. They also get to watch T.V. and listen to the radio when they would like. Currently they are reducing the time prisoners are sentenced to in order to reduce the number of inmates. I do not feel this is right, I feel if you dare to do such a bad crime I think you should have to put your time in in prison. And also I do not think prisoners should be allowed to do half of the things they are allowed to do and I think they should be punished more severely because of the crime they committed.